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Lucky Bean Restaurant in Mellville

Posted 4/16/2018


So around the table us women talked about sex – as one does - and blogging. There were lots of ooohs and aaahs during the course of the night. The restaurant was humming.


We are the glamorous gals as Conway Falconer, owner of Lucky Bean restaurant in Melville calls us. Conway created the group to spoil us with the restaurant’s latest culinary creations. And so he did.


I’m tempted, dear reader, to give you a rundown of the many courses of creative, yes, innovative and downright sexy dishes we had, so here goes part of it.


Although I’m a bit of a closet vegetarian, I swooned for the beef fillet with cumin butter and roasted chakalaka, paired with a Cloof’s ‘very sexy’ Shiraz. Truly - that’s what it’s called.


They have a number of vegetarian dishes on the menu, simply because the owners are so inclined. And often, the diners, too. And also some faintingly fabulous dishes for pesceterians like the South African snoek turned Middle Eastern.


Even though I’m not a great ostrich fan, I’ve always adored their ostrich burgers. That night, an ostrich fillet with roasted broccoli. I was quite overcome.


I more or less lost focus after that. This I remember and know to be true: the culture at Lucky Bean is that of laid-back excellence and includes their wise sommelier that knows a thing or two about wine, and has developed a very interesting list.


Oh, and us glam gals also talked about the phenomenon that ‘a round-heeled woman’ has become. She – Jane Juska – wrote a book about her late adventures in sex and romance. This, after she placed an ad in the personals column of The New York Review of books: ‘before I turn 67 I would like to have a lot of sex with a man I like’.


Says Conway, “I created this evening because I can't imagine a more fun, glamorous gang to spend an evening with. Or a long afternoon! Here's to my self-indulgence becoming yours!”


Lucky Bean has been that place you go to when your palate tells you that you need flavourful bistro food. Or, have a cocktail. Or listen to jazz. Or all three.


I’ve been a fan since the days back then, when the restaurant was called Soulsa. But the chaps at a fast food chain that had ‘soul food’ as part of their name decided to bully the owners into changing the name of the restaurant. As it happens, I like Lucky Bean better. This, the Lucky Bean or Coral tree is also called ‘Kanniedood’ (won’t die). Appropriate, I’d say.


Among our fabulously fun and very interesting group of women, there was she who is responsible for the wicked blog, Violet Online. She’s sexy, sassy and always on-point. Find her on Facebook.


As Conway said that night, submit to the flavours. And so we did.


Lucky Bean is open through the holiday period, except December 24th and 25th, and January 1st.


Lucky Ben

16 7th St, Melville, Johannesburg

Phone 011 482 5572