Gwynne Conlyn

Award winning writer of lifestyle books; now continuing to write, more in the press and also, on my website.

I’m proud to also have published award-winning books. Should I do another? Possibly. But I could also mentor you so you can see your dream work become a tangible book.

And now from being a freelance radio broadcaster, I have a permanent slot on Radio Today.

My show, Lifestyle Today, on 1485 Radio Today happens every Thursday 11am to 12pm. You can tune in a number of ways: 1485AM,, DSTV Audio 869.

My show is also then widely posted on social media.

We have a new station manager who is in the process of making brilliant changes.

Under ‘Radio Today’ you’ll find my podcasts where you’ll be able to listen to previously broadcasted shows, with titles so you know beforehand what you’re going to listen to.

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Anyway, as I was saying ...


Write about food!

Take my 12 module course to learn aobut the art of writing about food. Descriptions to make your mouth water



Keeping you up you date with the comings and goings of all things delicious in South Africa - and often, from time to time, the world!

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